1. Extended Play
    The Resonars

  2. Social Piranha
    Teen Cobra

  3. Haunted House
    Candy Smokes

  4. A Man Like Me
    Ian Kay

  5. Ian Kay Family Pack

  6. Happy Holidays with Satan's Pilgrims
    Satan's Pilgrims

  7. Gruesome Twosome

  8. Gimme Dusty
    Jake Starr & The Delicious Fullness/Thee Lexington Arrows

  9. I'm Not Important To You
    The Backdoor Society

  10. He's a Jerk

  11. Taco Truck
    Satan's Pilgrims

  12. He's a Keeper of the Fire

  13. The Above
    The Above

  14. Four
    The Blind Owls

  15. Instant Banquet

  16. The Field Guide 2018 Zine & Flexi

  17. Don't Change Your Mind
    The Thanes

  18. II
    Freezing Hands

  19. The Holy Trinity

  20. Weekend Warrior
    Low Doses

  21. Groovy Movies
    Groovy Movies

  22. Kicks & Chicks
    The Fadeaways

  23. Tasty Waves
    The Safes

  24. Just A Little Taste
    The DTs

  25. It's All Pop EP

  26. Up To No Good
    The Hall Monitors

  27. Object To Be Destroyed
    The Improbables

  28. Field Trip South Deluxe Edition

  29. Sick And Tired Repress
    The Ar-Kaics

  30. The Field Guide 7" flexi + mini zine

  31. 4 Song EP
    The Rebel Set

  32. 7&7 is No. 3 zine + flexi

  33. Beehive State
    Birds of Paradise

  34. Invisible Sounds
    The Stents

  35. Rockin' Show Must Die!

  36. Hey Doctor
    Pow Wows

  37. Singing Man
    The Beginner's Mynd

  38. Nobody Loves The Hulk
    The Stents

  39. He's Gonna Hurt You EP
    Party Lights

  40. Out In The Streets
    Louie Louie

  41. There Is a Reason 10" EP
    The Above

  42. 7&7 Is No. 2 Zine + Flexi

  43. Got To Have Your Lovin'
    The Missing Souls

  44. Give It Up
    The Kurt Baker Combo

  45. Lost In Time EP
    The Reverberations

  46. Nobody Loves The Hulk / Gotta Calm Down
    The Stents/The Improbables

  47. 7&7 Is No. 1 Zine + Flexi

  48. Organ Donor
    The GTVs

  49. Meant To Be EP
    The Routes

  50. Never Ever
    The Noble Krell

  51. Let It Snow
    The Stents

  52. Don't Talk To Connie
    The Whiskey Daredevils

  53. Today's The Way
    The Insomniacs

  54. Bad Vibrations
    The Improbables

  55. Running Out of Time
    Quitty & The Don'ts

  56. The Creamer
    The Torments

  57. I Got Hands
    Sick Thoughts

  58. No Matter
    The Belltowers

  59. The Scrump
    The Delusionaires

  60. Sick and Tired
    The Ar-Kaics

  61. Limbs
    The Stents

  62. Limbs
    The Stents

  63. Meet Mike Hate
    The Stents


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